Fundamentals of Effective Leadership Teams

by | Mar 28, 2022

Utilizing assessments (Step one in the Five A’s Method™ for strategic planning) can be an effective way to establish understanding and awareness between and among members of the leadership/planning team.  This leads to improved communication and raises the level of trust, so essential for high-performing teams.

There are any number of assessment tools available (Predictive Index, DISC, Kolbe, Strength Finders, to name a few) and each have their unique strengths and utility. In my experience, the Harrison Assessment stands out for its ability to provide in-depth analysis in a way that is understandable and actionable.

Teaching in New York University’s Master’s Degree program in Integrated Marketing, I have the chance to work with students as they prepare to graduate and begin their careers.  I’ve made it a habit to encourage students to identify their unique abilities and their preferences.  A key question to ask is this:  Under what conditions will you experience the highest levels of performance, satisfaction, fulfillment, and enjoyment in your work?  Sadly, but not surprisingly, few if any have given this much thought.  Interestingly, I find a similar circumstance in CEO’s and their leadership teams.

Enduringly successful leaders begin with an essential first step: gaining a deeper understanding of themselves.  This awareness brings a level of clarity and provides an effective pathway for laying out their individual responsibilities and for those of their team members.  Being fully aware of their preferences, strengths and unique abilities, leaders can surround themselves with team members whose preferences and strengths compliment their own.  The combined effect can be dramatic and will lead to higher levels of performance and results.

As a leader, where do you place self-awareness on the list of needed competencies?  For more information on ways in which assessments can be utilized in your organization, contact me at       


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