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About Alexander Joseph & Associates, LLC

Alexander Joseph & Associates was founded by Joseph P. Truncale, Ph.D., CAE

Joe enjoyed a 30-year career with NAPL, an executive management association for business owners in the graphic communications industry. As part of NAPL’s transformation to a consulting and research organization, Joe and his executive team formed a business advisory service to help owners explore strategic options for growth.

Alexander Joseph & Associates builds on this advisory expertise to help business and organizational leaders identify and maximize opportunities in a time of rapid change. With decades of experience working with entrepreneurial business leaders, association executives, and volunteer leaders, we’re uniquely positioned to offer best in class advisory services focused on executive and organizational leadership, strategic planning, and implementation.

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Why We’re Here

Running an organization carries with it a myriad of challenges, opportunities, frustrations, and distractions. It becomes increasingly difficult to clear out the clutter and focus on what matters most to move the enterprise forward. This is where working with a qualified experienced advisor/coach can provide exceptional value.

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Our Approach

Utilizing years of hands-on experience along with state-of-the-art assessment tools, our practice combines the best of measurement, intuition, and the collective wisdom gleaned from highly effective CEO’s of organizations with issues and obstacles just like yours.

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What You Should Expect

Clients report greater satisfaction with the high levels of achievement they realize. Delegation improves as does time available for creative, strategic thinking. With a sound strategic plan, clear objectives, and tactical deployment, results come very quickly.

Meet Our Founder
Meet Our Founder
Joseph P. Truncale PhD, CAE

Joseph P. Truncale, Ph.D., CAE

Joe Truncale has extensive executive experience including 11 years as Executive Vice President/COO and 17 years as President/CEO. During a time of rapid change in the graphic communications industry, Joe and his team led the development of NAPL’s business advisory/consulting practice helping client companies identify and work through options for business continuity and growth. Joe’s practice areas include executive coaching, strategic planning facilitation, customer analysis and organizational leadership.

Joe is a highly sought-after author, speaker, strategic planning facilitator, business advisor and executive coach. He is an adjunct professor at New York University in the Division of Programs in Business, teaching graduate courses in Executive Leadership, Finance, and Integrated Marketing. He earned his Ph.D. in Media, Culture, and Communication from New York University.

Joseph P. Truncale PhD, CAE

Joseph P. Truncale, Ph.D., CAE

Our Business Advisory Services
Strategic Planning and Execution
Strategic Planning & Execution

Essential to any successful enterprise is the ability to plan effectively and to then execute on that plan. Our unique planning process (The Five A’s Method™) aligns the leadership team and moves plans into action while ensuring accountability for results. Quarterly updates keep the plan on track while allowing for adaptability and flexibility.

Organization and Culture
Organizational Culture & Improvement

Getting culture right begins not with assumptions or opinions about how we “feel” about our culture, but with measurement and data. Utilizing the Organization Culture Inventory (OCI) through Human Synergistics, we assess the current state of your organization’s culture, identify areas for improvement and we set a course for rapid movement toward the ideal operating culture.

Performance building blocks
Performance Management

The current state of most employee performance evaluation and development efforts are perfunctory at best and dreadful at worst. There’s a better way. Utilizing Alexander Joseph & Associates unique process brings needed focus and simplicity to an essential organizational requirement. The result establishes an easy to understand, direct link between individual performance and organizational objectives.

Executive Development and Coaching
Executive Development & Coaching

Being a CEO carries with it an array of challenges, frustrations, and doubts. Often there is nowhere for executives to go to share questions and concerns about their own leadership effectiveness, decision-making, and the overall performance of their management team. Having access to a trusted advisor who knows the right questions to ask, then listens without judgment or emotion can bring clarity to even the thorniest leadership issues.

Leadership Characteristics of Highly Effective CEO’s

Based on a comprehensive doctoral study, we uncovered essential behavioral traits that contribute to leadership success.

Strategic Planning for Business Leaders

This workshop demonstrates methods for getting the most out of strategic planning for enduring success and growth.

Performance Management

Finally, a system that closes the gap between organizational strategy and individual and group performance and behavior.

Creating and Sustaining a Winning Culture: A Guide for Leaders

How the most effective leaders measure, monitor, and guide high performing culture.

Alexander Joseph Insights
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Cultural Change:
A Process, Not an Event

Culture improvement plans don’t take effect overnight. The key is to seize the early momentum and to commit to the long-term nature of the process.

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Leadership Competencies and New Year’s Resolutions

The new year can be a time for reflection and focus on the things we’d like to improve. But often, energy fades as we move back to our existing set of habits. There IS a better way.

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Getting Useful Feedback — and Accountability — in Real Time

Leaders often “protect” employees by letting them offer feedback with anonymity. This may increase participation but it also reduces accountability. There’s a better way.

How We Work

Our unique strategic planning process prioritizes objectives and resources and simultaneously eliminates the suffocating “busyness” that so often distracts and derails business plans. A disciplined approach to plan execution is formed around quarterly updates which ensure accountability for results while building in needed flexibility for the plan to adapt to changing circumstances.

Understanding the Details

We begin with our unique, branded approach, The Five A’s Method™. First, an understanding of where we are and what we have to work with (Awareness/assessment), how our team, systems, processes and resources are organized (Alignment), development of an operating plan (Action) , individual, department and leadership responsibilities are recorded (Accountability) and measurable goals and targets are set and monitored (Achievement).

Delivering Value

Because of our years of extensive executive experience and utilizing our brand-specific tools, we help executive leaders simplify and focus on what matters most. Our process helps eliminate complexity and confusion and replace it with clarity and confidence. The investment of time and energy in planning and strengthening organizational culture will create and sustain substantial competitive advantage.

Getting Results

Our aim is to help business leaders rediscover the joy and satisfaction that comes from leading and developing people while delivering on the promise, the purpose, and the mission of their organization. Creating a winning operating culture and a sound strategy effectively deployed is a powerful combination for long term success.

My Commitment to Executive Leaders

Through purposeful strategic planning and executive coaching, we identify and instill positive, goal-directed habits and behavioral traits essential for individual and organizational success.


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